Website Updates

  1. Norwegian Wood book has been added.
  2. Discord has been added to contact page.
  3. I've started using discord. My username is pizzle#1300
  4. Started removing google fonts from all the pages. Hosting my own fonts - 20/02/2022
  5. Added atomic habits book highlights. 22/02/2022
  6. Changed font to raleway. 22/02/2022
  7. changed font to helvetica, and fixed footers on some pages. added gallery page yesterday 25/02/2022
  8. Redesigned navigation menu again, this time it is more minimal. Added box shadow to most divs.
  9. Added quote on the front page.
  10. Backend - change all fonts to em instead of vmin.
  11. Website is now responsive, should work on every screen, Hurrah!!!, check it on the desktop.
  12. Added new updates page to log all previous updates.
  13. Added Gone Girl. 03/04/2022
  14. Updated home page to feature new blog post. Book Stuffs page has been redesigned. 09/04/2022