Norwegian Wood

Haruki Murakami

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Finished on: Jan 24, 2022

Last updated: Jan 28, 2022

This page contains explicit words, And spoilers for the whole book. DO NOT READ ahead if you're planning on reading the book by yourself.

General Info

This book is written by Haruki Murakami, a Japanese author. Genre is coming of age novel or Romance novel. Read more about this on Wikipedia

Who should read the book?

The genre of the book is Romance and coming out. So It is clear that this book is targeted for young adult audience. If your age is 15-25 you should be suitable for this book.

What can I expect from this book?

The whole idea of this book is on the sad side. It doesn't have an happy ending. One of the main character dies. (Suicides)


The book is a story told by the main character of the book. Its a novel, so I'm going to refer it as novel from now on. This novel has three main characters. Toru Watnabe, Naoko and Midori. The novel is a story remembered by Toru Watnabe. Who used to live in a dorm. One day he meets with Naoko, she's a childhood friend of Watnabe. Watnabe, Kaizuki and Naoko used to be group of three friends. Naoko was girlfriend of Kaizuki, also Watnabe and Kaizuki were both best friend of each other. None of these people had any friend other than rest of two. One day for seemingly no reason Kaizuki does suicide. Watnabe couldn't bear the pain and leaves the city so he is now in this college.

Now coming back to the main storyline, after meeting Naoko Watnabe and her started having long walk, like dates but they'd only walk long distance. Naoko in front of Watnabe, and he following her. They would talk about many different things, except Kaizuki of course. As expected they started to have feelings. They became more and more close. On the 20th birthday of Naoko,(FYI Naoko is elder than Watnabe) started talking about life events of her's, carefully avoiding anything about Kaizuki, but she couldn't, and ended up crying. Well Watnabe ended up sleeping with her. They fucked. This is the first and last time she would be wet.

Next day, Naoko disappears. She gets admitted to a mental hospital.

Watnabe stays here does his thing, and meets new girl Midori. They start becoming best friends. She's pretty weird. They even watch a porno together.

Here in dorm, Watnabe makes a new friend. I forgot his name, let's call him X, he is like the smartest and most influential student in the college. With him, Watnabe used to go for girl hunting, its like licking up girls and having one night stand with them. Well at Morning he would regret. This person X had a girlfriend, who had 'true love' towards this person X, after this person X leaves this college and goes to a different country for studies, his girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) gets married to some guy and then suicides after 2 years. Hearing this, Watnabe removed any connection to that person X.

This Midori girl, had a fucked up family, she was from a middle class family but went to a upper class school. Her mother died cause of brain cancer, and in the storyline we see that her father also dies because of that. Watnabe met her father once and within few days of him meeting her father, the death happens. Midori disappeared. But after that she gets back, and gets more and more close to Watnabe.

In mental hospital, Watnabe comes to visit Naoko, she seems fine. But according to Raiko, (a 30ish year old woman who is kinda like bestie to Naoko and lives with her.) situation of Naoko is pretty bad. While Watnabe was there he enjoyed the environment of the hospital. Naoko gave Watnabe handjob. On the 2nd visit of Watnabe, situation was bit worse. After his 2nd visit, Naoko's situation became so bad that they had to move her to a new formal hospital. One day Naoko came back to the same old hospital, spent a day with Raiko, and then did suicide. Her suicide note was Give my clothes to Raiko.

Death of Naoko broke Watnabe bad, really bad. Losing two best friends at the age of 20. Kaizuki will be always 17 and Naoko will be always 21. Naoko chose Kaizuki after all.

After the death of Naoko, Raiko left the hospital, she was staying there for eight years now. She came to meet with Watnabe. They did a proper funeral of Naoko, by singing 50+ songs and having sex. After that Raiko goes on to her way.

Before death of Naoko, Midori broke up with her bf and confessed to Watnabe, he asked for some time, and following Naoko's death, he was without contact with Midori for one month. After Raiko was gone with her way Watnabe called Midori, I have a million things to talk to you about.

My Review

The story is pretty good. There is some cringe moments, other than that, whole story is good. It is a translated litrature so, the language is not as good as something written natively, but the storyline is top notch. There's sex scenes. A lot. It includes underage (under 18) persons too.