Me. As seen by my friend.

The Days Of Me Forgetting Are Over, And The Days Of Me Remembering Have Just Begun.

- Ringo, Pulp Fiction

Welcome to my website, This is a place for me to to keep and write about stuffs I care about, you can start by reading my latest posts below or by exploring recent books hightlights & notes. You can also find all the photos taken by me in my gallery.
My website isn't ugly, its minimal.
All the codes of this website can be found here. Feel free to use this code.

Movies? The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Inception
TV Show? Breaking Bad, Family Guy, Mirzapur
Games? Minecraft, Dead Cells, 20 Minutes Till Dwan
Hobbies? Fountain pens, Journaling, Computers, Photography
Music? All Time Low, Neil Diamond, Coldplay, Music I'm listening right now

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